First-time students are eligible to receive 50% off tuition


There's No Greater Opportunity to Change the World Than Through Teaching.


If you're considering a career 在教育—or want to sharpen existing teaching skills by earning a master's degree or completing a licensure program—talk 与 us.

  • 学生在弗雷德S. 克利普施教育学院 experience one of the most innovative teacher preparation programs in Indiana and the nation.
  • You'll 研究生 career-ready 与 the knowledge and skill to serve as a teacher-leader who inspires young people and makes a difference in your community.


The mission-driven 克利普施教育学院 is recognized for educating next-generation teachers and educational leaders who consistently achieve exemplary learning outcomes for all students.


  • Talented in instructional delivery and skilled in classroom management.
  • Experienced in building meaningful relationships 与 students who have diverse backgrounds and educational needs.
  • Values-oriented, passionate, and proud to be educators.

Earn an under研究生 or 研究生 degree 在教育 at a university that's recognized as a national model of excellence for developing K-12 teachers and school leaders who serve their communities.


The 克利普施教育学院 has adopted a fresh approach to teacher education that's transforming schools throughout the United States. 以下是一些亮点:

  • 克利普施学院提供五年制课程 与 a one-year residency similar to those at Harvard 大学 and New York 大学. When choosing this pathway and fulfilling the requirements, you will 研究生 拥有学士和硕士学位 在教育.
  • 实习期包括 one-year paid teaching and mentoring experience during which you'll receive additional supervised training to connect 与 students in high-need schools. 它包括一个付费的 硕士学位外加实习津贴.
  • Courses are delivered in an eight- to ten-semester format. Learning outcomes are focused on building competency-based master skills.
  • 你会收到 early, frequent, and varied classroom experience,包括 研究生指导 从大师老师那里学习最多一年.
  • For a global perspective on best educational practices, students will have an opportunity to 在国外高水平的学校学习.
  • The 克利普施教育学院 program recognizes high-achieving high school 研究生s who enter Marian 与 AP学分,双学分, 和/或谁拿 夏季课程. 这些可以用来加速 program under the guidance an assigned academic adviser.
  • 我们想帮你毕业 几乎没有学生贷款.


You will become exceptionally proficient in your chosen content area(s),包括 in-demand specialties like special education, 数学, 生物学, 和化学, 英语作为第二语言. 我们的实践,体验式学位课程 包括:

The 克利普施教育学院 is now 1 of 423 total providers meeting rigorous 制定 认证标准 为了更好地培养明天的教师. Talk 与 us about reciprocal teaching licensure 与 other states.


We make a values-oriented private education affordable. 几乎百分之百的第一次, full-time freshmen receive financial aid in the form of institutional grants and scholarships. 奖学金和经济援助是可用的.

  • 如果你是一个接受者 下一代印第安纳州教育奖学金 (明秀), you may be eligible for a full-tuition scholarship from Marian 大学. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 Scholartrack.
  • 如果你是 21世纪万博manbetxapp全站下载 和一个 明秀 recipient, you may be eligible for a full-tuition scholarship and free room and board from 万博manbetxapp全站下载.
  • Talented minority students who attend 万博manbetxapp全站下载, 我打算从事K-12的教学工作, 并将在马里恩县任教, Indiana for at least two years after graduation, 是否有资格申请 城市教师奖学金, a value worth up to $40,000 in scholarships over four years.
  • Available to 万博manbetxapp全站下载 juniors and seniors, the 诺伊斯奖学金 can help diversify the teacher population in high-need schools.
  • 请访问 查看更多奖学金机会 for students who want to earn a bachelor's degree in 我们印第安纳波利斯校区的教育.

不是明秀的接受者? You may be eligible for other forms of university, state, and federal financial aid and scholarships. 了解更多关于 万博manbetxapp全站下载提供的经济援助.


Our students practice in front of real time avatars 与 instructional observation from master teachers utilizing NIET有志教师标准 标准.

然后, from the first day they arrive in their classrooms, 克利普施教育学院 students are equipped 与 practiced skills that set them apart from virtually every other education major in the nation.


2021年4月26日,弗雷德. 克利普施教育学院 at 万博manbetxapp全站下载 – Indianapolis was granted 认证 at the initial-licensure level and advanced-level from the Council for the 认证 of Educator Preparation (制定). 弗雷德的 S. 克利普施教育学院 at Marian continues to demonstrate excellence in the areas of content and pedagogy, 临床经验, 选择性, 项目的影响, 以及持续改进的能力. The following table provides a list of approved programs at both the initial and advanced level:

幼儿教育(MAT,T2T)Building Level Administration (MAEL, Licensure)
基础教育(BA, MAT, T2T) 
中等教育(BA, MAT, T2T) 
特殊需要学习者P-12 (BA, MA, T2T) 

关于Fred S. 克利普施教育学院 认证 can be found in the following report.



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(800) 772-7264

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*Placement rates are gathered from data collected from 研究生s 与in six months of graduation.

学生可以投诉 印第安纳州高等教育委员会.

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